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weird week

On Monday i liked making dairy free ice cream, it was awesome. i also made ph potions  and they were really cool. They changed different colors depending on whether you put in an acid or base. If you put in a base the colors were either green, blue or purple, and if you put in an acid the colors were pink or red.

On Tuesday we did 3D modeling with Crystal again and I made an abandoned hut thingy.  I wasn’t really that happy with my thing that I made. Then I ate lunch. Also I really liked making bendy snakes because it was really fun. it was really hard turning it inside out. 10 people left on a 12 and up trip to the serpentarium and that’s why it’s a weird week.

On Wednesday I did 3D modeling again. I was a lot more happy with my creation. I made a poster thingy that said “magic” on it ,and it had a bunch of question marks around it. I also made potions with Charlotte and Jake.

On Thursday I made lots of potions and it was really fun. I also played with Jake, Luke, Connor, Tessa, Ari, Elle and Evan.

On Friday I did mythology and it was cool. I also tried to fix my walkie talkies and failed and I hope I can fix them in the future. I also played with friends. and now we’ve caught up to us in real time.

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