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Locked out

On Sunday we went to flute class.  After class, when we were coming back in the hallway, my mom discovered her keys were missing. But it wasn’t just like normal losing her keys, her key ring fell apart. We had the car key, but not the house key. We found one piece of the key ring attachment in her car, and another piece in the flute place. We asked the teacher to check in the visitors desk to see if it was in the lost and found, but it wasn’t there. Then we hoped it had fallen in the driveway or outside, but when we drove home it wasn’t there.  We saw our neighbors outside and we decided to ask them if they had any ideas. I tried to pick the lock with a tiny wire. We tried to open the windows and climb in, but that didn’t work either because they were locked from the inside. Then we tried to stick a really skinny thing into the crack of the window to unlock it. So one of us to climb through it almost worked but it didn’t. We were sort of glad that no one could break into our house, but at the same time we were upset that we couldn’t get in. Then we called a locksmith and when the locksmith came, my mom told me that he unlocked the door in one second with a special lock pick. Then we went to whole foods and ate lunch.

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