Locked out

On Sunday we went to flute class.  After class, when we were coming back in the hallway, my mom discovered her keys were missing. But it wasn’t just like normal losing her keys, her key ring fell apart. We had the car key, but not the house key. We found one piece of the key ring attachment in her car, and another piece in the flute place. We asked the teacher to check in the visitors desk to see if it was in the lost and found, but it wasn’t there. Then we hoped it had fallen in the driveway or outside, but when we drove home it wasn’t there.  We saw our neighbors outside and we decided to ask them if they had any ideas. I tried to pick the lock with a tiny wire. We tried to open the windows and climb in, but that didn’t work either because they were locked from the inside. Then we tried to stick a really skinny thing into the crack of the window to unlock it. So one of us to climb through it almost worked but it didn’t. We were sort of glad that no one could break into our house, but at the same time we were upset that we couldn’t get in. Then we called a locksmith and when the locksmith came, my mom told me that he unlocked the door in one second with a special lock pick. Then we went to whole foods and ate lunch.

Artsy week

On Monday i was sick.

On Tuesday, i did a wrinkle in time. I also did big history. I also did Clayworks at the library. I made a turtle and I thought it was going to be good, but it wasn’t as good as I thought and I really want to improve. But I really like how they organize it and if they do it again I want to go.

On Wednesday I did the Mint Museum tour and I did Change Up.

On Thursday I did Mosaic’s Got Talent, I did a magic trick. I listened to A Wrinkle in Time and I also did Mystery Science. The Mystery Science was probably one of the best Mystery Sciences I have ever done. It was really fun and you didn’t have to fill out on much on paper, it was a lot of action. The experiment was called “Can you run faster than a dinosaur.” And apparently I beat the dinosaur that was as big as me by 60 inches.

On Friday I went to the McColl Center and that was really, really, really fun because we got to see other people’s art and we got to make our own art with our own materials. Some of the art was like they did paintings and I think one of the people were trying to show how a bee went into its hive and make honey. Another artists was inspired by Mexico. Also some of the art was recycled art. I also ate lunch.

movie week

My favorete part of the week was Black Panther, it was ousume! I also really enjoyed playing poker, I won one round but I lost all the other rounds. I also liked listening to A Wrinkle In Time and I’m really excited to watch the movie. I watched the dance off, I really didn’t think it was that good because it wasn’t organized. They didn’t have any set up or anything. I also threw cards. I loved the african peanut stew that we made. I also made merigunes and tried brownies. We told Nancy about Imagninormous where we can write stories and turn them into a movie and also made into a toy or candy and that’s all.

weird week

On Monday i liked making dairy free ice cream, it was awesome. i also made ph potions  and they were really cool. They changed different colors depending on whether you put in an acid or base. If you put in a base the colors were either green, blue or purple, and if you put in an acid the colors were pink or red.

On Tuesday we did 3D modeling with Crystal again and I made an abandoned hut thingy.  I wasn’t really that happy with my thing that I made. Then I ate lunch. Also I really liked making bendy snakes because it was really fun. it was really hard turning it inside out. 10 people left on a 12 and up trip to the serpentarium and that’s why it’s a weird week.

On Wednesday I did 3D modeling again. I was a lot more happy with my creation. I made a poster thingy that said “magic” on it ,and it had a bunch of question marks around it. I also made potions with Charlotte and Jake.

On Thursday I made lots of potions and it was really fun. I also played with Jake, Luke, Connor, Tessa, Ari, Elle and Evan.

On Friday I did mythology and it was cool. I also tried to fix my walkie talkies and failed and I hope I can fix them in the future. I also played with friends. and now we’ve caught up to us in real time.

The second the last week of Charlotte.

On Monday I did book club and I did scooter tricks. I practiced my bunny hops on my scooter. I practiced bonelesses. I did gymnastics class and Intermediate Math. That’s it for Monday.

On Tuesday morning I did book club, Spanish and I played outside. I played a little on my scooter.

On Wednesday I facilitated Change Up with Liberty. I did math. I practiced gymnastics a little and I did a handstand into a backbend.

On Thursday I did the hike and art. I solved rubics cubes with Gabe.

Today I went on the bike ride with Charlotte and Nancy and Elisha, Andew, Tessa, Michael, Liberty and Natalie. I did book club. I’m sorry the blog has caught up to us in real time and bye!

Charlotte’s first week back

On Monday, I did intermediate math. It was fun and Luke came for the first time and I think he had fun. Then I went to the park, then I traveled into a different world. Both of those were awesome. This Monday was so rainy. Karyn taught Spanish for the first time. I liked it better than when Gabriel and Samari taught it. It was really fun. I want her to teach more often.

On Tuesday I did book club and it was awesome like normal. I can’t really describe this story, but it was the same book I told you about last week. It was really good. I also went with the flow. I did anatomy and physiology and it was fun. I loved massaging people at anatomy and physiology. I also played outside.

On Wednesday I did Change Up. It was normal. I ate a few jelly beans. I did math. We multiplied fractions. I did book club and I played banana tag.

On Thursday I went to Freedom Park. I skateboarded. I played on the panthers exercise equipment. I played with my hand spinner and that’s it.

On Friday I did book club, same book. Then I biked to the recyclery. Then we checked the donut shop next door but they were sold out because of some party. Then we biked to Joe’s Doughs and they were sold out. Then we biked to school and I got tired after I ate lunch upstairs at about 12:50. Now I’m too tired and we’ve caught up to real time so goodbye.


The reason this is called “Visitors Week” is because visitors from the ALC in New York came to school.

On Tuesday, oh by the way no school Monday so that’s why I skipped it, so back to Tuesday. I did book club. We’re reading a new book. It’s one that Kate’s dad wrote and it was really good at the beginning. I went to the park and I did clean up. Then I did Anatomy and Physiology. We learned about the heart. At A&P we took tennis balls and Rachel drilled holes in them and then filled them with red food dye liquid water stuff and then we squeezed the tennis balls and the blood came out and we had to imitate our heartbeat with that.

On Wednesday I did Change Up in the morning and Michael probably facilitated the best out of any change up I’ve ever done. The kid who facilitated, Michael, he says he only did 1/3 of what he was expected to do by himself, but he facilitated the best out of anyone in the school. I also played at the park. I found a way to collect water. I collected it by shaking leaves into a basil leaf. Then I had basil flavored rain water and it tasted so good. And I did clean up.

On Thursday, I went on an urban hike through downtown. We went to the Romare Bearden park and I played and it was really fun. Then I came back and saw that Charlotte came back. It was awesome. It’s felt like she’s been gone a year and it’s only been four months.

On Friday, I learned how to skateboard from my friends Zack, Will, Gabe, and the road. I played super Liam-mora. A person from the New York School tried to hypnotize me. He says it works 80% of the time. I think it worked this time but not in the right way. I think it makes you hungry.

My Week

On Monday I did book club, i really like this book. It’s really sort of funny and it makes you wonder what’s going to happen next. I’m really excited for the next chapter. The book is called Bud, Not Buddy. I highly recommend it. I also did math, which was fun. We did the multiplication challenge which is probably my favorite part of math. I played outside and did the Change Up facilitation meeting. That’s it for Monday.

On Tuesday I did book club, we read Bud, Not Buddy. We did cooking. We made falafels, they were really good. I did Writer’s Workshop, but I didn’t write. I just listened to the book because I didn’t feel like writing that day. And I climbed a tree.
On Wednesday I did Mica’s art and we made dream catchers which was fun. I did intermediate math and space jam meeting. Dean’s doing this art/music thing sort of like a talent show where you can do some stuff. It’s sort of hard to explain, but it’s really fun according to what I heard. And that is space jam. I also did Change Up and it was the first day that kids facilitated! Elisha and Tessa and were facilitating and I think they did really well. And I am excited to do it next Wednesday and I’ll tell you all about that on Friday next week.
On Thursday I went on the urban hike and it was so fun. I also did Crossfit and the farmers carry was hard. And that’s it for Thursday.
On Friday I did book club, we were still reading Bud, Not Buddy, it’s getting better and better. I did espanol. We played a new game that Nancy did in math with us and it was really, really fun. And then Michael showed me some new parrot videos and we watched Michael do duolingo and I learned that “le” is “the” in French. I think. And I also did clean up and I’m sorry but the blog has caught up to us in real time, so goodbye.

The week.

On Monday I did intermediate math, and I really, really enjoyed the multiplication speed challenge. For some reason I got slower on Wednesday but I got more right. There were 50 problems and on Wednesday I got 49 out of 50 in 8 minutes and 4 seconds. On Monday I got 4 wrong in 7 minutes and I’m not sure how many seconds. I did the change up facilitation meeting. We talked about what Change Up is and then we talked about what is the purpose of Change Up. I think we also talked about what a facilitator does. I went because I want to facilitate change up.

On Tuesday I did book club and we read Bud, Not Buddy, which is a book we started last week on Monday. I just didn’t make a blog last week. Then I did cooking, and we made Jackson’s famous guacamole. We also made salsa. It was realllllllly good. I watched stuff with Luke, I did Writer’s Workshop. In Writer’s Workshop I wrote about a ride I went on with my Dad at Universal Studios. I did Anatomy and Physiology and Crossfit and it was leaning a little to the easy side. It was fun, I managed to do six rounds with the 15lb ball.

On Wednesday I did Mica’s Art and we did finger print art, which was really fun. I made a dragon, I made an Indian panda, and I made a sluggercorn, and I made a star nosed mole. I also did intermediate math, oh and I forgot to mention that we played a game called “pizza til you puke” on Monday and Wednesday. I did not like it very much so I opted to not play it on Wednesday. I also went to the Lion King musical and I really liked the costumes and how they organized the whole thing. They didn’t make up too much, but some of their songs were different from the movie. It was really good.

On Thursday I did the hike. It was fun. I really like climbing over all the rocks and I got down a bunch of ledges of rocks that I had to climb through it. We went to Crowder’s Mountain. For some reason I’m not sore from walking through the woods for 4 or 5 miles in rough terrain and then doing Crossfit. We got off trail and we had to roll under a fence to get back to civilization.

On Friday book club got canceled because people wanted to do different things. I solved a rubics cube twice. Can I tell you something? You can scramble a rubics cube over 43 Quintilian different ways. I did Spanish and we learned a song and I also played outside, it was fun. And I went to the Change Up Facilitation meeting and we talked about what it’s like and what the facilitator does and an example for something you would need to say “could we please talk about this after change up” and we decided Elisha and Tessa would facilitate the next change up, and Liberty and I would facilitate after that, and then Michael would facilitate alone after that. And then I played a little big more and then we did clean up and blog which is when we have caught up in real time.

A series of delicious events

On Tuesday I did the book club meeting and we decided on Bud, Not Buddy and I’m looking forward to doing that. We are starting next Monday. I also went to Writers Workshop and I didn’t write much because I didn’t have many ideas of what to write. I also did Spanish and that was really really fun. El caiman means caiman.

On Wednesday I danced with a ribbon for ribbon dancing which was fun. I took a break from everything I normally do to do something different. I didn’t go to math either but my mom helped me on the homework. I did tech free hour which was fitness at the park, which ended up being just going to the park. I did both clean ups. We helped the church by picking up trash and weeding some garden beds and some other stuff to help the church because they have been so nice in letting us rent space.

On Thursday I went to the Mint Musuem. I saw some exhibits and the art room was really awesome. They had these things that if you put it under paper then the picture thats carved out on them appears if you scribble on it. And they also had these puzzle stencils. We can make tesselations with them. And we saw a drawing of Bernie Sanders on the wall and what’s really interesting is that we know the person who drew it.

On Friday I did cooking class, I made a tiny table, I played with my fan and ribbon and I tried to do tricks on a tiny skate board. I made pasta puttanesca. We made it because we read a series of unfortunate events book one as a reading group thing and the kids made that in the story.