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My Week

On Monday I did book club, i really like this book. It’s really sort of funny and it makes you wonder what’s going to happen next. I’m really excited for the next chapter. The book is called Bud, Not Buddy. I highly recommend it. I also did math, which was fun. We did the multiplication challenge which is probably my favorite part of math. I played outside and did the Change Up facilitation meeting. That’s it for Monday.

On Tuesday I did book club, we read Bud, Not Buddy. We did cooking. We made falafels, they were really good. I did Writer’s Workshop, but I didn’t write. I just listened to the book because I didn’t feel like writing that day. And I climbed a tree.
On Wednesday I did Mica’s art and we made dream catchers which was fun. I did intermediate math and space jam meeting. Dean’s doing this art/music thing sort of like a talent show where you can do some stuff. It’s sort of hard to explain, but it’s really fun according to what I heard. And that is space jam. I also did Change Up and it was the first day that kids facilitated! Elisha and Tessa and were facilitating and I think they did really well. And I am excited to do it next Wednesday and I’ll tell you all about that on Friday next week.
On Thursday I went on the urban hike and it was so fun. I also did Crossfit and the farmers carry was hard. And that’s it for Thursday.
On Friday I did book club, we were still reading Bud, Not Buddy, it’s getting better and better. I did espanol. We played a new game that Nancy did in math with us and it was really, really fun. And then Michael showed me some new parrot videos and we watched Michael do duolingo and I learned that “le” is “the” in French. I think. And I also did clean up and I’m sorry but the blog has caught up to us in real time, so goodbye.

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