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Artsy week

On Monday i was sick.

On Tuesday, i did a wrinkle in time. I also did big history. I also did Clayworks at the library. I made a turtle and I thought it was going to be good, but it wasn’t as good as I thought and I really want to improve. But I really like how they organize it and if they do it again I want to go.

On Wednesday I did the Mint Museum tour and I did Change Up.

On Thursday I did Mosaic’s Got Talent, I did a magic trick. I listened to A Wrinkle in Time and I also did Mystery Science. The Mystery Science was probably one of the best Mystery Sciences I have ever done. It was really fun and you didn’t have to fill out on much on paper, it was a lot of action. The experiment was called “Can you run faster than a dinosaur.” And apparently I beat the dinosaur that was as big as me by 60 inches.

On Friday I went to the McColl Center and that was really, really, really fun because we got to see other people’s art and we got to make our own art with our own materials. Some of the art was like they did paintings and I think one of the people were trying to show how a bee went into its hive and make honey. Another artists was inspired by Mexico. Also some of the art was recycled art. I also ate lunch.

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